How To Fire Your Workers Comp Attorney

Can I Fire my worker’s compensation lawyer?

I am not feeling good with my compensation lawyer. I felt that my case has been dragging forever, even I don’t have an expectation that I can get much from the insurance company. Can I fire the lawyer and hire a new lawyer?

fire workers comp attorney

The Answer is

If you have already a lawyer and he does not live on your expectations then it is common to consider a new lawyer. But don’t act too fast. If you are not happy with the pace of your worker’s compensation case or the settlement offers that are made by your employer’s insurance company, then there is no fault of your lawyer. The worker’s compensation cases are notorious for moving slowly and worker’s compensation insurance companies are known for making low-ball offers. You may want to give a chance to your lawyer for your compensation case.  That said, if you call your lawyer and he does not answer your calls (and you are not calling again and again), he does not give time to your case or not working properly on your compensation case, or he has not enough knowledge about the rules of the compensation case of the state, then it is time to make a smart decision and start your search a new compensation lawyer. 

In any case, if you want to fire your old compensation lawyer then it may take some issues to find out a new lawyer for you. And this is because your new lawyer has to split the attorney’s fees with the old lawyer. And in most of the states, the worker’s compensation is limited to a small percentage of the permanent disability payment that you win, and it usually as low as 10% to 15%. A good workers’ compensation lawyer can turn down the case that will not promise to bring in a big fee. And it is because the attorney fees will be split between two layers, you will become one of them. Even if your permanent impairments are serious. At that stage, the new lawyer thinks that you fire your old lawyer that means it is maybe difficult to work with you and they need to be reticent to work with you.

If you are on your final decision and make sure to switch your lawyer, then find a lawyer who is willing to take your case first. You can take an interview with the lawyers about your case and also ask them questions related to your compensation case so that the problems you have with the old lawyer are not created again with a new one.

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