What Does A Business Lawyer Do?

We are going to discuss what a business lawyer does and how you can decide if you need to consult with one. Also, here we will talk about the business owner and what mistakes he can do in the business, misconceptions about business law, and many more things.

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What is a lawyer?

Before we go in deep about business law and lawyer, let just answer a simple question: Who is a lawyer? And the reality is that there are many types of lawyers and they are specialized and skilled in different matters. Some lawyers handle defend the case and some prosecute a criminal case. And other advocates are for civil rights and still others can go nearly without entering their footsteps in the courtroom.

A business lawyer’s specialty is that he is well all-rounded in all types of cases. And the lawyers are comfortable in review the documents of contract, consulting with business owners, negotiating a complex deal, or litigating in court. And the fraction of the situation is where sometimes we find ourselves. Great business lawyers are those who always find the best way to work with their clients and also who are knowledgeable and experienced in the field that makes them more workable and easily problem solver.

What does the business lawyer do?

If we say in simple words, then a Portland Business lawyer helps the business owner in solving the business-related issues. But the most important thing is that the business lawyer can easily understand the problem of the business owner and also understand the problems that will occur in the future and he will help the business owner in solving those problems.

What kind of problems or issues business owners face?

Starting a business

If you are starting a business and you have chosen the business between an LLC, an S Corp, or another type of business. And your wrong decision costs you too much and the problems can’t be resolve for many years.

Mergers & Acquisitions

If you are thinking about, joining forces with another business? Thinking about buying out a competitor? Being acquired by a bigger company? So, don’t make the mistake of not hiring the business lawyer, because he gives you advice and also guide in the process.

Writing Contracts

A business lawyer will help you in the draft contracts to meet the unique needs of your business. In the writing contracts- when you need about, What forms do you need when hiring employees? Do they need to sign any kind of paper or agreement? What should the form say?

Disputed contracts & Breaches of contract

A business lawyer will help you in many cases. Like, A client isn’t paying? What happens when a contract is disputed? Does an employee share a secret? He also advocates on your behalf and even filing a lawsuit if he feels the need for it.

Compliance & risk management

When you are going to start a business or in any established business benefit, an experienced lawyer can give you benefits in it. He advises you on compliance issues and develops the system that monitories and minimize the risk.

Real estates and property disputes

When your business is of property dealing or leases it, you need to take the help of a business lawyer. The business lawyer negotiates the sales and leases. He also navigated the complex and real estate and tenant laws.

Resolving Business issues & claims

Many times a well-being business owner will also face problems related to disability and sick leave, discrimination, sexual harassment, and workplace safety. And a business lawyer plays an important role here. He educates the customers on applicable laws and best practices. And he represents then when an issue arises.


Do business lawyers go to court?

The answer is: Yes. The business lawyers also go to court but only when the client needs it. Don’t take it wrong. It doesn’t mean that the business lawyer is not expert litigators who don’t represent their client in the court or don’t able to handle the case in court in Oregon and Washington. But it means when the case is too complicated, more over time, there are many options over the dispute. And it is also helpful in saving our client’s valuable time and money.

When should a business owner consult with an attorney of business?

As soon as possible without doing any late.

Most of the time, it seems that a business owner has to spend thousands of dollars to correct small, simple, trivial, and honest mistakes or just by a misunderstanding. Or many of the times the business also has to pay a big amount for this. And in those types of cases, a quick consultation with a Portland business lawyer could prevent you from those of all problems.

As a business owner if you think that “I don’t need a business lawyer and I can handle it myself”, maybe it’s a good time to speak with the business lawyer and find out for sure. Because your time is the best spend when you running your business not when you try to resolve the legal situation yourself. 

How do business lawyers charge for their services?

At JJH law (as a small business ourselves) we understand the flexible fee structure that helps in increasing the business costs effectively. We have more things to offer:

  • Forecasted Budgeting:

We generally have the best idea of how long a matter will take to resolve, like in straightforward issue of LLC formation. 

  • Hybrid Fees:

Our hybrid fee structure combines the benefit of the hourly rate and flat fees, in the litigation cases. And it maximizes the return on the investment that you made and also gives you clear expectations that what work we are going to do.


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