Can A Paralegal Become A Lawyer?

Paralegal Become A Lawyer

What you need to know on the path of becoming from a paralegal to an attorney In the form of paralegal, you have got the inside track on the legal industry. After seeing the high salaries of the lawyer that they earn, the challenging work […]

How Can I Expunge My Record Without A Lawyer?

expunge my record wthout lawyer

The expungement of criminal records is a way to remove criminal prosecution from your public record. Although this is quite prevalent for juvenile offenses, it can be far more challenging to expunge adult offenses. Having a record expired limits access to your criminal record, but […]

How To Beat A DUI Case Without A Lawyer

dui case without attorney

The arrest for driving under the influence in Florida can have a very large impact on the life of a person. They have to face the criminal record but a DUI arrest jeopardizes the ability of the person to live and work in some areas. Well, […]

How To Get Out Of Paying Court Costs

get out of paying court fees

Court Fees and Getting Court Fees Paid – Paying court fees is important. But if you cannot pay the fee then the court may pardon your court fee. You can easily get it waived. Mentioned below are several types of court fees. Also, you may […]

How To Talk To A Lawyer For The First Time

talk to lawyer for the first time

There are many people who do not want to consult a lawyer. But many times there comes a situation, be it positive or negative where they have to talk to a lawyer or consult a lawyer. Therefore in this guide today we are going to […]

How Long After Filing For Divorce Are Papers Served

If you file for divorce and want to get the papers then the time it will take it depends on the many factors of your divorce.  Even every state has a different process for serving divorce papers, on the other hand, many states offer the […]

How To File Chapter 7 With No Money

file chapter 7 with no money

Filing for bankruptcy is not so expensive for someone. If you are not capable to pay the fee then you can ask the judge for a filing fee waiver form when they file for bankruptcy for free, when you are able for it. Consumer bankruptcy- […]

Can I Kick Someone Out Of My House Without Notice?

Kick Someone Out Of My House without lawyer attorney

Many have asked this question that can i kick someone out of my house without notice? and if you are wondering that too then you should check this questionnaire guide. Can I kick someone out of my house without any notice? If the person you want […]