How Long Can A Lawyer Hold Your Settlement Check

how long lawyer can hold check

When your case finally comes to an end, you’ll likely want to find out how long your attorney can retain your settlement check. After many months or years of judicial proceedings, you deserve to be paid, particularly if you already have bills piled up. When […]

Can I Fire My Lawyer Before Settlement?

fire my lawyer previous settlement

The aftermath of the accident can be very disorienting and chaotic. If you are filing an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit, then you need to hire a lawyer who can represent your interests. Well, a lot of residents may find that they have made […]

How Much Does A Child Support Lawyer Cost?

Child Support Lawyer Cost

Fees Of The Child Support Attorney Child support issue has occurred when a couple doesn’t want to continue their relationship or we can say that when a married couple wants to end their marriage and gets divorced and their child is minor, in that case, […]

Can A Convicted Felon Become A Lawyer?

Felon Become A Lawyer

It’s simple to understand why so many people would immediately conclude that a felony conviction will also retain them from becoming lawyers. If you’ve had any trouble in the past, never let a felony conviction make you write off completely, ever being a lawyer. The […]

Can A Paralegal Become A Lawyer?

Paralegal Become A Lawyer

What you need to know on the path of becoming from a paralegal to an attorney In the form of paralegal, you have got the inside track on the legal industry. After seeing the high salaries of the lawyer that they earn, the challenging work […]

Can You Sue A Lawyer For Negligence?

sue lawyer for negligence

The lawyers have to take care of the work of their clients, like other professionals.  It may be possible that your lawyer will make a mistake from time to time. And if something happens like this and your lawyer show negligence in the representation of […]

Can A Lawyer Drop A Client Without Notice?

lawyer drop client without notice

Firing Your Client Even clients have the general right to discharge the attorneys, either without or with the cause, the lawyers will not have the same right. The ability of the lawyer to terminate the relationship of the attorney-client is circumscribed by the rules of […]

How Long Does It Take To Become A Lawyer

how to become a lawyer

If you are wondering how much time does it take to become a lawyer then we got you covered with this article. Most of the students choose the course of the law for becoming a lawyer, generally take the path of earning a bachelor’s degree […]