What Does A Civil Rights Lawyer Do?

Unfortunately, people across the country face pain and suffering or discrimination every day and are denied opportunities owing to unfair practices, perceptions, and actions. It is the duty of a civil rights lawyer to stand up in support of those individuals, as they specialize in cases that involve the human rights of people and serve as advocates of the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution and legislation. Cases in which a civil rights lawyer would have been involved include age discrimination, protection of the rights of persons in institutions, discrimination on grounds of race, color, issues affecting the disabled, religion, sex, or national origin including residents of government-run nursing homes and prisons, equal pay issues, employees’ rights, voting rights, rights laid down A person who brings a civil rights case to a court (a plaintiff) or a person or organization to which the action is taken by against the defendant can also hire a civil right attorney.

civil rights lawyer role

Civil rights lawyers are commonly involved in civil cases during which an individual is denied service or employment because of the person’s ethnicity, gender, or age. The plaintiff is bringing a civil suit against the defendant for remuneration for perceived discrimination. However, a lawyer may also be involved in criminal cases, including hate crimes, wherein the character of a person is the reason for an act of violence against that individual.


Why do I need to hire a Civil rights lawyer?

You’ll want a civil rights lawyer if you believe that your civil liberties were violated. He or she can help you with issues related to your mistreatment due to your gender, race, religion, or disability.

Common forms of violations of civil rights include:

  • Unreasonable seizure and search 
  • Cruel punishment and unusual punishment
  • Losing a job or going on promotion because of discrimination
  • Abuses by a public official
  • Discrimination based on an inauthentic belief


If you assume that your civil rights are being violated, you have to file a claim with the government and hire a lawyer with particular knowledge in the field of civil rights. Fears Nachawati ‘s team is concerned about helping individuals against unfair and unfair discrimination or harassment, so we have represented cases covering a wide range of civil rights issues, which includes employer retaliation, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, disability discrimination, and many others.

Having knowledge and a thoughtful lawyer on your side can help to reduce the stress and anxiety that often arises when you believe that your civil rights or freedoms have been violated. Consult the accomplished civil rights lawyers at Fears Nachawati for a confidential assessment of your case with no charge or further obligation.

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