How Much Does A Domestic Violence Attorney Cost?

Domestic Violence Attorney cost

A skilled, successful, and experienced defense lawyer will charge which will take into account the reputation of the lawyer and also track the record of success in the court. You are expected to pay around $2500 and $10,000 for a retained and experienced domestic violence defense attorney. The fee of the domestic violence defense attorney is determined with a lot of factors that include the complexity of your case and also the importance of that outcome.


If you are accused of the Spousal abuse, domestic assault, and domestic violence, then you will be considering affording a domestic violence defense attorney. Before you make the final decision there are some important things to be considered:


What determines the domestic violence defense attorney’s cost?

Domestic Violence Attorney cost

There are lawyers which distinct experience, skills, cost levels, and track records. Whenever you choose a domestic violence defense attorney, an old expression is applicable “you get what you pay for”. The factors which the lawyers take into consideration when they set the value for their attorney services are-

  • Number of years of experiences with domestic violence cases
  • The reputation of the lawyer with prosecutors and courts
  • If there will be any suppression hearings and pretrial motions
  • If the case will be resolved in a trial or plea
  • Whether the attorney is a member of the criminal defense law firm or a solo practitioner
  • Whether the attorney is known as the litigator or trial lawyer or ‘plea lawyer’
  • The specialization of the practice ( if it is only focused on criminal defense )
  • The different resources available ( like investigators, paralegals and multiple lawyers)
  • Record of the success ( if the attorney has track record of the satisfied clients )


Quickly retaining affordable domestic violence defense attorney is very important

The allegation of domestic violence is severe, and everyone can assume that a conviction can make things very difficult in a number of ways. Since such an allegation can be really disturbing, it is crucial to hire someone that can help you and safeguard you straight away. No one plans to hire a criminal defense attorney; however, investing in a knowledgeable defense lawyer is essential because not getting a great legal representation is a recipe for disaster. As money doesn’t grow on trees, the cost of keeping a domestic violence lawyer is an important factor for somebody looking to retain a lawyer.


What can be the cost of not hiring a skilled domestic violence defense attorney? 

When you determine your budget for the domestic violence defense attorney, you should consider the consequences which apply to your situation. Some of the collateral and possible direct consequences of domestic violence

  • Up to 1 year if there is a previous conviction for domestic violence,
  • Up to five years in jail if there are two or more previous convictions,
  • Up to 2 years probation for a misdemeanor,
  • Up to 93 days in prison for the first offence of domestic violence,
  • Up to 1 year in prison for severe domestic violence,
  • Difficulty in getting employment or promotions 
  • Suspension or loss of a professional licence,
  • Up to five years of probation for a felony,
  • Loss of visitation rights or custody
  • Extensive charges and fines
  • Education, house arrest, travel restrictions, community service, a lifetime firearms possession bar, Forced therapy, drug and alcohol abstinence, and testing, and more


You should choose to consider the potential consequences in the determination of the budget and also the caliber of the criminal defense lawyer which is affordable for you and also consider the degree to which the conviction can have impacted your family, reputation, life, and livelihood.

For holders of Green Cards or aliens on a Visa in the United States, resident aliens and a domestic violence conviction may lead to deportation or inability to re-enter the United States. A plea under advice, even a plea which does not give rise to a conviction, is irrelevant to the immigration court.

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