How Much Does A DUI Attorney Cost?

the cost of a DUI attorney

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The Cost of A DUI Attorney

If the DUI does the misdemeanor for the first time, then a DUI attorney generally costs in the ballpark of $1,500 to $5,000. But a California DUI Lawyer Association (CDLA) Specialist starts at $2,500 to $4,500.

The fees of the attorney may be increased in different cases like in a felony, other charges, prior DUI, an accident, out of the county, complicating factors, or aggravating circumstances. And there is a full-jury trial which is extra and can be more than five figures.  And the main thing is that a fee is varying attorney to attorney.

the cost of a DUI attorney

A DUI lawyer is not the same as the personal injury attorneys who accept the case on a contingency. Because DUI attorneys are criminal defense attorneys and they charge the above fees regardless of the outcome. Even there is no guarantee of any outcome. The personal injury attorney only paid when they recover money.

There is no fixed amount for DUI attorneys and that’s why some charge for more fees and some charge for fewer fees amount. The lawyers who are attached to big firms take more charge.


There are some other types of attorneys also available. Like, some like to take all the charges in advance, then some charge more fees later and others do not.

A typical charge chart of a DUI attorney looks like this as shown in below image:

cost of a dui attorney


Reasonable DUI attorneys total payments.

It may possible that you want a DUI lawyer who wants to support you and don’t want to break you financially. A DUI lawyer does not know about your financial position.

Even many of the DUI lawyer is ready to take charges on the exact date and willing to consider about specific plan to make the payments.

The payment process of a DUI Attorney

Many attorneys think that if you have a credit card then it is good and easy to pay the payments, Because DUI lawyers are the licensed lawyers and as a licensed lawyer, they prefer officer of the court.  And they have to must represent the court that they are paid or by before the day before your first court arraignment date.

Mostly all DUI lawyers provide some of the free consultations. And some DUI lawyers have the free online consultation form by the e-mail, over the phone call, and text questions and answers.

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