How Long Does It Take To Become A Lawyer

how to become a lawyer

If you are wondering how much time does it take to become a lawyer then we got you covered with this article. Most of the students choose the course of the law for becoming a lawyer, generally take the path of earning a bachelor’s degree from the law school that is of three years. Now, the amount of time depends on whether you attend the law school full time and also clears the state bar exam in your first attempt. Even every state has its rules and requirements. So, you can choose the law school according to time depending and requirements of the state, that will manage the time for becoming a lawyer.

how to become a lawyer

Getting an undergraduate degree

For becoming a lawyer, one has to do the course of the law and get an undergraduate degree and the law course will of mainly four years in a college or a university. Till you don’t earn your undergraduate degree in the law course you do not need to focus on the legal field or in any major particular matter. Most of the law schools that are accredited by the ABA or American Bar Association needs you to complete the bachelor’s degree to be admitted. Even, in California, you are eligible by doing just two years of the undergraduate coursework or by just passing the equivalence exam. Though you are eligible to enter law school more quickly, you may have a hard time getting admitted into a top law school in this way.


Taking the test for LSAT

In most of the law schools of the United States of America, the applicants have needed to take the Law School Admission Test or LSAT, because as it is more preferred. The applicant has to need to spend his/ her time for the preparation of the LSAT because the score of the LSAT is a significant part of your law school application. However, the students who pursuing the undergraduate degree for the full time they mostly complete the test while in college- that’s why they don’t need any additional time for preparation for the LSAT. If you are not happy with the score you get in the exam or if you have completed your graduation degree, then retaking the test and finding time for preparing it, increase the time it takes you to become a lawyer.


Going or not to law school

If you can take admission to the law school full-time then you can imagine it to complete in three years. In most of the colleges or law schools, there is the option for the part-time course, but it means that you have to study for four years rather than three years. In most states like Colorado, doesn’t need to attend law school.  On the other hand, the majority of states like New Jersey, the law schools which are accredited by ABA, need attendance. 


Writing the state bar exam in the state that you want to practice

After completing your graduation from, law school, you have to need to sit on the state bar exam that is in your state, or if you want to practice in another state you have to give the exam from there. For the preparation of the state bar exam, you have o study for the two or three months or even it will take more time and also for getting the result of it also takes more time. Even if you pass the exam, but you don’t consider yourself as a lawyer until you are officially admitted to the bar. For admitting, you must have to clear the character and fitness review that is by your state bar association. In this process, many things are included like a thorough background check of your financial, residence, criminal, and employment history. The amount of the time it depends on how much clear is your background even it can take plenty of months to get the result.

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