What Does A District Attorney Investigator Do?

district Attorney Investigator

District Attorney Investigator Job Description

Under the jurisdiction of the District Attorney Office, the District Attorney Investigator will have to carry out investigations. The offenses on which the D.A. Investigator will investigate the case are that of felony and misdemeanor. In many states, the District Attorney Investigator is also known as County Detective. 

district Attorney Investigator

District Attorney Investigator Job Description Template –

We are searching for a very hard working District Attorney Investigator who can help us in the process of investigation for the offences mentioned above. As a District Attorney Investigator, you will have to co-operate with the law agencies of local, state, and federal nature. Plus, you will also have to work undercover, in which you will have the right to question witnesses and cross-examine the suspects. 

When you will be making the complete report, you will have to ensure that you have explored all the areas and facets of the case and there are no defenses which have been ignored. Now related to the investigation, you will have to do the following – 

  • Collect, assess, preserve crime scenes, photograph, and evidence
  • Make diagrams and charts relating to the investigation

And additionally, you are required to take part in law enforcement meetings with the community groups & other organizations. 


In order to succeed in this work of your investigation as you will have to stay attentive and serve and protect the community. Plus, you will have to accurately gather and reserve the evidence. Those who are excellent candidates for this role will display inventiveness, give independent judgments, and will be honest. 


District Attorney Investigator Responsibilities:  –

  • Independent cases will have given to a teamwork 
  • You will have to work together with the Attorneys of the District Attorney Office to evaluate the case and prepare cases for Court.
  • You will have to do the assessing of information and reviewing and documenting it 
  • You will have to serve subpoenas, show cause orders and summonses, executing search and arrest warrants, and locating witnesses.
  • You will have to arrange extradition of the concerned parties 
  • You will have to cross-examine and question and record statements from suspects and witnesses
  • You will have to prepare reports, evaluate it, and review it
  • You will have to advice the Chief District Attorney Investigator on the course of action 
  • You will have to deliver testimony in Court. 
  • Co-operate with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies 
  • In meetings and conferences, you will have to represent the District Attorney’s Office. 

District Attorney Investigator Requirements: –

  • Candidates having 2 years of college education in the field of police science or criminology. 
  • Candidates should also possess more than 3 years of experience as a peace officer with experience in a criminal investigation. 
  • Candidates should have a valid police officer training certificate 
  • Candidates should also have a valid driver’s license 
  • Candidates should also possess extraordinary knowledge of modern techniques of investigation and legal process 
  • Candidates should be well versed with applicable laws
  • Candidates should have the ability to manage good work relation with District Attorney
  • Candidates should also have verbal and written communication skills of par excellence. 


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